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Makeup Is Fantastic

Makeup is fantastic! When applied correctly it has the ability to hide our imperfections and at the same time accentuate the areas we feel happy to emphasise. It has been around for centuries and through the years millions of women and men have marvelled at the choices of colours, brands and consistency’s available. It can be a minefield though and many people give up after futile attempts to copy the latest trends or master the look of their favourite celebrity or idol etc.

In my opinion makeup is a tool that we can choose to use or not use to express ourselves. I don’t believe we should all follow trends exactly, although it’s always fun to experiment with new colours and styles. This is about you as an individual so do what feels good for you. There are some common practices in the application of makeup which will produce beautiful, lasting results. This along with taking your own likes, dislikes and personality into consideration will help you on your makeup journey. Try not to stick to the same rituals or colours every time, experiment and have fun and enjoy expressing yourself your way!

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