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Factors to Consider when choosing colours of Eye Shadow

The colour wheel is a great tool to use to help you decide on colour. It’s a tool mostly used by artists but it can be adapted to use by anyone when choosing colours for makeup or even when creating ideas for your home.
On the colour wheel we have 3 primary colours Red, Blue and Yellow, 3 secondary colours which are created when you mix 2 primary colours together, Orange, Purple and Green and 6 tertiary colours which are created when you mix a primary colour with a secondary colour these are Yellow/Orange, Red/Orange, Red/Purple, Blue/Purple, Blue/Green and Yellow/Green.

Its commonplace that many people think if you have blue eyes you should wear blue eye shadow, this is not the case although it is perfectly acceptable to do so. If you really want your eyes to stand out then you should look to the opposite end of the colour spectrum from your eye colour. Therefore if you have blue eyes then browns and coppers work well to make your eyes stand out. If you have green eyes then purples work really well to make your eyes more noticeable. If you have brown eyes then just about any contrasting colour will work.
This is not a hard and fast rule. Many people feel safe using a neutral palette of beige and brown’s and most people suit these colours but if you want to create a wow factor for your eyes then try a contrasting colour then lap up all the compliments you get. Enjoy!

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